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Hire Company Finance Competition

We are absolutely delighted to announce the launch of our brand new Hire Company Finance competition. Running until the 31st  May 2015, we are giving one of our followers in the UK the chance to win £200 worth of Amazon vouchers!!!!

The winner gets: £200 worth of Amazon vouchers absolutely FREE! & it could not be easier to enter!!

How To Enter

Until the closing date we will be updating Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus regularly and it is through these competition updates that you have your chance to enter.

To enter through Facebook: Head over to the official Hire Company Finance Facebook page and follow the 2 steps below

  • Step 1 – 'Like' our page & the competition update
  • Step 2 – Share the competition update/image on your own Facebook page.

To enter through Twitter: Head over to the official Hire Company Finance Twitter page and follow the 2 steps below

  • Step 1 – Follow our account
  • Step 2 – RT one of the competition entry tweets.

To enter through Google Plus: Head over to the official Hire Company Finance Google + page and follow the 3 steps below

  • Step 1 – Follow our account
  • Step 2 – ‘+1′ one of the competition entry updates.
  • Step 3 – Comment on the entry

Tip – If you need a little help setting up a Google + profile – click on the following link for a step by step guide on ‘How To Set Up a Google Plus Profile

You can enter through Facebook, Twitter and Google + and there is no limit on how many times you can enter, so please feel free to 'Like and Share', RT  and +1 each message that you see!

Drawing The Winner

The winner will be drawn at random from all of the entries received and the lucky winner will be notified through the Social Media channel that they submitted their entry.

You will not have to use any of our services in order to be eligible to enter. The prize cannot be exchanged for money, credit or any other item.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions please get in touch with us through either our Facebook, Twitter or Google + page and we will be happy to help! Please Note – We reserve the right to extend the competition past the original closing date & the winner must be based within the UK.

faq list

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I think I'm maxed out with every funder. Can you help?
Yes. We can use our own funds

2. Can I reclaim my VAT on a lease?
Yes. Every time you submit a VAT return as VAT is paid monthly

3. Can I reclaim the VAT on HP?
Yes. As soon as you have taken delivery of the vehicle

4. What happens at the end of a finance lease?
You can take a secondary period or sell - and we can do it for you

5. Are director's guarantees required?
Not in all cases

6. How about cross company guarantees?
These can be useful, but we can help weaker deals over the line

7. I've been declined. Can you still help?
Yes. That's our job

8. I'm a sole trader. Will you still finance me?
We finance sole traders, partnerships and incorporated bodies

9. My company is based outside the UK. Will you finance me?

10. Can I get finance for the training to pass an HGV licence?
Not with us

11. Can I get finance for conversions and ancillary products on vehicles?

12. Can you help me raise capital to increase cash flow?
Yes. We specialise in this.